The 4 Key Principles of Mindfulness + How To Practice Them Today

A lot of people are talking about mindfulness right now. But there isn’t a lot of conversation on what it actually means, how to start, and beyond that, how to maintain a mindful life when anxiety, stress, fear, depression, and grief are still real. The first step is to understand what mindfulness means. Mindfulness is the ability […]

What are the signs of heart attack in a woman?

A heart attack is a life-threatening event caused by a disruption in the blood flow to the heart. Knowing the female-specific symptoms of a heart attack could help a person seek medical attention sooner, which may save their life. Women are less likely to survive their first heart attack than men. This may be because the symptoms differ between […]

How Industrial Seed Oils Are Making Us Sick

Experts have presented several dietary culprits as possible explanations for the rapidly rising rates of chronic disease in industrialized nations, including sugar and saturated fat. However, one commonly consumed food found in the diets of millions has received surprisingly little attention—industrial seed oils. What Are Industrial Seed Oils? In fact, industrial seed oils, the highly processed oils extracted […]

How Stress Can Mess With Your Gut & 4 Things You Can Do About It

In times of stress, many people experience muscle tension, racing thoughts, tightness in the chest, and some may experience digestive shifts. Think butterflies in your belly or nerves hitting your gut.  The fact is, the brain and the gut communicate directly. Emotions and cognitive function affect the intestine function and vice versa. Thus, stress can […]

Keto and Cancer: Where Do We Stand?

The ketogenic diet has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Hordes of people are using it to lose body fat, overcome metabolic diseases, improve their endurance performance, attain steady energy levels, make their brain work better, and control seizures. And increasing numbers of researchers and personal experimenters are even exploring the utility of ketogenic diets in preventing […]