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COVID-19 trial lead researcher explains why an antibiotic might work

Medical News Today interviewed Dr. Catherine Oldenburg, co-principal investigator in a brand new human trial examining the potential effectiveness of azithromycin, a common antibiotic, in treating milder cases of COVID-19, which the new coronavirus causes. All data and statistics are based on publicly available data at the time of publication. Some information may be out […]

What are the top benefits of black cumin seed oil?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives, stall the economy and dominate the headlines, another health issue – antibiotic resistance – continues to surface worldwide.  The World Health Organization characterizes antibiotic resistance (in which ordinary infections become impervious to certain drugs) as an emerging global public health crisis, with the CDC reporting that “superbugs” […]

Can elderberry prevent the binding of viruses?

 Elderberry (Sambucus), which is part of the honeysuckle family, has long been valued within the integrative medicine community for its potent antiviral properties.  In addition, Native Americans and European herbalists have used elderberry for hundreds of years – to releive colds, fight the flu, treat acne, and reduce wrinkles. This small, blue and purple-black berries […]

Coronavirus vaccine being rushed to market by skipping usual animal testing

Traditionally, it takes 15-20 years to develop a vaccine and get it to market. Normally, regulators require vaccine manufacturers to show their product safe before using it on people, and general it’s tested on lab animals before putting humans at risk with an unknown and untested vaccine. However, the current coronavirus pandemic has changed the […]

COVID-19 testing called into question after a piece of fruit tested positive

As COVID-19 testing ramps up around the world, many people are starting to feel cautious about the results (which, as of May 13, has us up to more than 4.3 million cases and 293,000 deaths). The big question on their minds: does a positive screen actually mean you have the pandemic disease? It’s a reasonable question to ask, […]