What are the Low Carb Diet Benefits that make it so good for your health?

Do you ever wonder what the low carb diet benefits are? Why it works? And why it is so good for you? Read this scientific analysis of low carb diets. There is growing evidence that reducing carbs is beneficial your mind and body. We delve into the low carb diet benefits that are a direct […]

Top 10 Fasting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Folks, you know I’m a long-time believer in intermittent fasting for longevity, autophagy, mental clarity, fitness performance, metabolic health, and more. I’m excited that Dr. Jason Fung has stopped by the blog today to share a bit about common fasting mistakes. Enjoy! So, you’ve decided to add some fasting to your lifestyle. Excellent. No matter how much you have […]


Prevent cramps, minimize soreness, and refuel your energy stores with the right foods while you’re on the road to recovery. After an intense workout your muscles are not only starved for proteinOpens a New Window. but sore as well – voicing their opinion about that extra set. And looking at the week ahead, you have some pretty […]

Five Facts About Atypical Depression You Need to Know

Despite its name, atypical depression is one of the most common types of depression, affecting between 25 to 40 percent of depressed people. Because the symptoms differ from those of typical depression, this subtype of depression is often misdiagnosed. Atypical depression was named in the 1950s to classify a group of patients who did not respond to […]