This Study Finds New Brain – Gut Health Connections

Your gut is home to more than 100 million nerve cells. These cells act just like a second brain, releasing hormones into the blood stream and transmitting signals to your other neural circuits. Recent studies show that when properly taken care of, your gut can lead to new treatments for obesity, eating disorders, even depression, […]

Eat for the Spirit – Foods for Regeneration and Ascension

With Earth’s shifting to a faster pulsating dimensional vibration, karmic energy locked into the cells is being released. It is part of our physical ascension process, but karmic energy release makes the body acidic and acidity in the body causes inflammation and patterns of disease to take hold. Eat healthy, organic fats and a lot […]

Why U.S. News is wrong again about the best diet…

Once again, in a high profile January cover story, the US news calls the DASH and Mediterranean diets the best diet for health — although we now know the truth after 50 years of studies. DASH or “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension” has been promoted by the US government for decades but there’s very limited […]