When to Take Amino Acids and Why They’re Important

As most people are taught, there are 8 essential amino acids that you must consume in your diet to stay healthy.  Basically, these elements are the building blocks of protein and help to build and repair your body.

In this video, Dr. David Minkoff and I discuss the importance of amino acids. We’ll details the exact name of each “essential” amino acid and the best time to take them.

How amino acids affect your health

We first cover different conditions that could affect your balance of amino acids in your body even when you’re eating the right foods.  For example, in some cases, people may think they have a thyroid issue when in reality it’s really an amino acid imbalance.

Next up, in this video, we talk about how athletes can benefit from getting the right ratio of amino acids in their diet plus how they can gain an “extra boost” in performance – when properly nourished.

Then, we discuss how toxicity in many people’s lives can interfere with nutrient absorption.  We also talk about how these organic compounds can act like a precursor to essential hormones.  For example, did you know that tryptophan is needed to produce the “sleep hormone,” melatonin?

Dr. Minkoff addresses the concern of vegans.  Is diet enough and is there a risk of becoming protein deficient?  The answer may surprise you.


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