For those just starting out on the diet we recommend the following books:

Sooner or later, you will get to the point where you are cross-sourced to try
the following things…

Magnesium is the #1 deficiency in the United States with 80% of the people being affected. The effects include fatigue, aches and pains, mood problems, muscle cramps, migraines, anxiety, constipation, memory problems, depression, ADD. Need we say more?

Vitamin D affects your immunity, fatigur, tiredness, inflamation, depression. Every single cell in your body has a receptor for Vitamin D. It’s very difficult to get from diet alone. You need sunshine to produce it. That’s why 1 billion people worldwide have low levels in vitamin D and half of US Adults. The darker your skin, the more likely that you are deficient.

This is pretty the healthy, anti-inflammatory Omega 3s you keep hearing about in their highest purity ever. First off, this is a Krill product, not a fish product so it’s more pure. Second, it will last a LOT longer without going rancid causing you more harm than good (many Omega 3s out there are terrible!). Third, you get heart-protecting effects of Astaxanthin, the red antioxidant that gives color to lobsters and shrimp.

One of the best ways to get yoru health back is to fix your digestive health. This means having the digestive enzymes you need to brek down your food, including the healthy gut flora.

If you are looking to detox from heavy metals like mercury and lead, chlorella is one of your best choices. It’s a gigantic anti-oxidant punch filled with nutrition. Also, it helps your body alkalize, making it heart for viruses and pathogens to survive.

At times we can all use a meal replacement or protein powder. For those mornings when you are too lazy or too late to cook something up..And for when you come back home to an empty fridge, these can work wonders giving you a balanced diet in no time. And if you’re going to have a protein powder, I prefer going Vegan because it’s too easy to eat meat and animal protein in our modern diet. No sugars are a must! This one also has probiotics. The better you treat your gut, the better the overall health of your body!

Collagen, the strong and flexible glue that holds it all together. It makes up to 30% of the proteins in your body… Cohesion, Elasticity, Regeneration of your skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones…  You’re also getting MCT Oil, a superior form of coconut oil’s medium chain fats and possibly the best oil for mitochondrial energy.

If you are looking to get quicker into ketosis and get the benefits of ketones (such as losing weight and staying focused), one hack is to take exogenous BHB salts. People have stayed in ketosis like this for months.

At times you’ll wanna know if you are burning ketones for fuel or if you ate too much sugar during your cheat meal. Test for yourself to understand your body.

 Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil is a highly pure MCT oil formulation by Dave Asprey of

Ashwaganda, a crowd favorite. If there’s one ancient longevity herb that anybody can benefit from and FEEL (within 24 hours!) this is it. Mood, anxiety, stress relief, adrenal and thyroid support.

Melatonin is the best natural sleep remedy and it doesn’t come with much side effects. Melatonin is the day/night hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. It helps you fall asleep naturally, without addiction and it doesn’t make you groggy the next day. This is ‘Fancy Melatonin’ with additional restorative benefits.

Speaking about melatonin, what harms melatonin production in your body is blue light. If you want suffer from restlessness, insomnia or eye strain you need to start protecting your eyes from the dangers of blue light.

Because you need this for those sore spots in your back that cause you pain… Also to unlock your hips, shoulders etc

From time to time, we could all use a powerful, whole food multivitamin

And obviously, healthy low sugar sweeteners – how could you stay on Ketosis and low carb without them??



Additionally, we recommend a DNA test with 23AndMe